World leaders in Scotland for the climate conference avoid the key problem again


WASHINGTON, Nov. 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – With a billion fewer people on earth in 2009, Lester Brown estimates in his book Plan B 4.0 on page 263 that it would cost $ 20 billion a year to bring free “reproductive health and family planning” to all of humanity. Executives will spend 250 times a year on anything but family planning.

World leaders in Scotland for the climate conference are again avoiding the key problem – human population reduction

Collins latest book, “What can be done now to save habitable life on planet earth?“Asks Why don’t leaders reduce human population before the earth is uninhabitable to all species??

His latest book is a compilation of his June 2021 best articles from hundreds published on Church and State, and backed by 63 Nobel Prize winners by 20 honorary members, eight articles, nine book excerpts, and 33 stem cell petition signatories. Church and State has 308 volunteers and many credible experts writing on a variety of important topics.

Collins has a unique perspective of nearly four generations of human advancement on planet earth. As a student of history, he has traveled the world extensively and observed how humanity in many countries flourished and fell behind over decades. He suspects that the failure of mankind would be accelerated by the loss of the American democratic experiment to a dictator who took power away from the people. With America safe, he recommends that the best way to combat climate change is for that United States to set an example by providing free contraception to its people and to all people on planet earth to enable them to voluntarily control their fertility for their own benefit. He estimates that reducing the human population by 80 million a year (instead of 80+ million a year as we do now) would benignly reduce our human population (by simply not giving birth to unplanned children) and the number of people today almost 8 billion to around 2. would decrease billions by 2100.

Former U.S. Navy officer, banker, and venture capitalist Donald A. Collins, a freelance writer based in Washington, DC, has served for over 40 years as a board member and / or officer in numerous family planning organizations, including Planned., On the reproductive health of Women worked for the Parenthood Federation of America, Guttmacher Institute, Family Health International, and Ipas. Yale Bachelor, NYU MBA.

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