“Women Saved the Day” in the Missouri Birth Control Battle | politics


The Senate version also includes a ban on Medicaid spending on drugs or devices “used for the purpose of inducing an abortion” after the group of female senators agreed that the language should not identify specific drugs and devices that are sometimes used for other medical purposes can be used.

May said she wasn’t sure the group would continue to meet on issues in the future, but said the agreement was refreshing at a time when partisanship prevailed.

“There was a real discussion about avoiding unintended consequences,” May said. “The room was totally talking about women and young girls having access to birth control. We were respectful that we were on different sides of the subject. “

In the meantime, house spokesman Rob Vescovo, R-Arnold, was silent on Monday about the prospect of getting the Senate version of the bill on the governor’s desk. Although the House of Representatives approved the tax three times without any birth control or abortion-related language during the regular session of the legislature, the spokesman said the circumstances of the ongoing special session are now different.

“The goal posts are moved and we are trying to find out where these posts are,” Vescovo told the post office.

He gave no insight into the Senate legislation.

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