Why fans believe Gino shouldn’t be a father

Gino Palazzolo wants to start his family with Jasmine during his Panama trip. However, 90-day fiancé fans believe he’s not ready to be a father just yet.

After the last episode of 90 days fiancé: Before the 90 daysSome fans feel that Gino Palazzolo shouldn’t rush to become a father because he may not be ready yet. The 51-year-old reality TV star quickly rose to fame after debuting on the show with Jasmine Pineda. Gino met Jasmine through a dating app and quickly fell in love with her. After the couple chatted for nine months, the couple finally met in 2021. Gino is ready to take his relationship with Jasmine to the next level and wants to start a family with her.

He seems so desperate to become a father that he gave his girlfriend pregnancy tests as a gift. In the last episode of 90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days, the couple went shopping and the grand total was over $ 500. But Gino said he couldn’t afford to buy such expensive clothes, which annoyed Jasmine. During the confessional, he said he had been unemployed for several months. While many 90 days fiance Fans praised Gino for his assertiveness and openness, they didn’t like the fact that he tried to give Jasmine the electric toothbrush again for Christmas.


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Many fans now think that Gino may not be ready to become a father just yet. They argued that if he can’t even afford a Christmas present for the love of his life, how should he feed a child for at least the next 20 years? One fan said (via Reddit): “It’s just damn ridiculous. Pull yourself together and stop dragging foreigners and children into your misery.“Another interfered”,How the hell is he supposed to get Jasmine pregnant and afford all the costs of having a baby?“Former auto engineer Gino said he has no job and couldn’t even pay $ 500 for his own clothes, so having a child with Jasmine shouldn’t be his priority right now.

Someone else said: “It seems that people on this show never think about whether having a baby is a good idea. “At the same time many 90 days fiance Viewers praised Jasmine for not getting pregnant with Gino’s baby straight away. One fan commented: “Jasmine, who is sticking to contraception and doesn’t want to get pregnant yet, is the most sane and sensible thing we have ever seen.“Another interfered”,Jasmine has those little flashes of normal, rational thoughts that scare me every time.“Most fans think raising a child is expensive and with money running out Gino seems unprepared for this huge responsibility.

It seems that Gino has already delayed his plans to have a baby with Jasmine. The 34-year-old reality star is in Panama and keeps sharing fitness videos on her Instagram that do not indicate pregnancy. Gino probably wants to find a job and earn a decent income before starting his family with Jasmine. Without that, love can only do so much for this couple. In any case, it doesn’t look like new 90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days Star Jasmine wants a third child.

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