When Covid disrupts the family’s finances, a medical student in Hyderabad becomes a vegetable seller


A 22-year-old medical student in Hyderabad became a vegetable seller following a financial crisis due to Covid-19.

The Hyderabad girl became a vegetable seller after her Covid-induced lockdown messed up her family’s finances. (Photo credit: India Today)

A 22-year-old tribal girl turned into a vegetable seller in Hyderabad after dropping out of medical school in Kyrgyzstan due to the financial crisis due to the lockdown caused by the coronavirus.

Anusha, a third year medical student, graduated from the International Higher School of Medicine, Kyrgyzstan. She left the asylum and returned home after the pandemic upset her family’s finances.

Anusha went to Kyrgyzstan in 2017. At the time of her admission, her parents were hoping that the Telangana government would award merit-based scholarships to help their daughter achieve her dreams.

Anusha, a third year medical student, completed her studies in Kyrgyzstan. (Photo credit: India Today)

However, after college administration informed them that the Telangana government was not granting scholarships, Anusha’s parents sold their gold jewelry and used all of their savings to pay for their Rs 7 lakh attendance fee.

Anusha dropped out of medical school last year. (Photo credit: India Today)

After returning to India in July 2020, Anusha met with the local Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MLA, M Gopinath, who represents the Jubilee Hills constituency, and Education Minister Sabita Indira Reddy for financial assistance. But their requests fell on deaf ears, said the family.

Anusha’s mother is also a vegetable seller. To overcome the financial burden, she began helping her mother during the lockdown. (Photo credit: India Today)

Anusha’s brother is a food delivery company and her mother is a vegetable seller. To help her family overcome the financial crisis, Anusha began helping her mother during the lockdown.

Anusha told India Today TV, “I am asking the Telangana government for financial support so that I can complete my course and treat people in need after I become a doctor.”

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