Walgreens boycott grows as employees refuse to sell birth control

  • Walgreens’ online boycott emerges after employees refused to sell contraceptives.
  • Walgreens defended its employees and its policies, stating that an employee could raise moral objections.
  • The movement to boycott Walgreens is growing with 2.9 million views under the hashtag #BoycottWalgreens on Tiktok.

A movement to boycott Walgreens is simmering online after several customers reported employees refusing them birth control and other forms of birth control like condoms.

In Hayward, Wisconsin, a cashier refused to sell Jessica Pentz condoms on religious grounds, according to The Star Tribune.

In a Twitter thread, Jessica’s partner Nathan Pentz published the couple’s customer complaint, which said the cashier, John, refused to sell them condoms because of his beliefs and then embarrassed Jess about her reproductive choice in front of other customers.

“I was the only woman in the store at the time,” Jessica told The Star Tribune. “It was a very lonely moment.”

Walgreens defended the cashier’s actions, saying they were following company policies.

“Our policies are designed to ensure that we meet the needs of our patients and clients while respecting the religious and moral beliefs of our team members,” a Walgreens spokesman told NBC News. “The cases are rare, but when a team member has a moral or religious belief to complete a transaction, they must refer the client to another member of staff or manager on duty to complete the transaction, which was the case in this case.” “

Pentz isn’t the first person to be denied contraception by a Walgreens employee.

Abigail Martin said she was refused a refill from Walgreens because a pharmacist who wore two crosses around his neck refused her, according to a video she posted on Tiktok. In the video, she said she’s been on birth control for six years.

Martin said a Walgreens representative appeared to have confirmed to her that she was not the only woman being denied birth control.

“She’s like, ‘I know exactly who you’re talking about and we’ve had this issue for two weeks,'” Martin said on her TikTok. “You have had this problem for two weeks; they have a problem with women not being able to get their birth control.”

According to a tweet from Walgreens, pharmacists can refrain from filling prescriptions that go against their morals.

The hashtag #boycottwalgreens went viral on Twitter and TikTok, with 2.9 million views on Tiktok.

Occupy Democrats, a progressive media outlet, tweeted a call to boycott the Walgreens, which received 27.3,000 retweets.

Walgreens did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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