WABE’s Weekly Recap: Georgia lawmakers begin mental health overhaul, limiting abortions and banning CRT

Georgia lawmakers are considering a bill that would ban public schools from kindergarten through college and university from teaching “divisive concepts.”

Senate Bill 377 comes after mobilizing some to ban or restrict racial education in schools or critical racial theory. The bill describes “divisive concepts” as teachings that describe the United States or Georgia as fundamentally or systemically racist. It also prohibits teaching that a person is inherently racist or oppressive.

The bill would also allow the state board of education to penalize schools it believes are in violation of the broad concept.

The bill doesn’t specifically mention the controversial concept of critical race theory… which Gov. Brian Kemp promised to remove from classrooms in his legislative priorities for 2022. (K-12 schools in Georgia do not currently teach critical race theory.)

According to Lisa Morgan, executive director of the Georgia Association of Educators, the legislature not only censors necessary classroom discussions, but also takes the expertise of classroom teachers completely out of the equation. The group has vowed to lobby against curriculum control bills in the Capitol this term.

Personally only…

Abortion pills in the mail

Georgia Republicans have introduced legislation banning the delivery of abortion pills through the mail. It would require anyone wishing to use abortion pills to see a doctor in advance and then return to collect the pills.

Legislation also wants to require women to undergo physical exams, including ultrasounds, and then sign a comprehensive informed consent form at least 24 hours before doctors will dispense the pills.

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