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Spears is now released from her father’s control over financial and medical decisions after a long struggle for independence

After 13 years, Britney Spears was fired from her conservatory service on Friday, November 12th. The Conservatory group sparked mental health talks in the course of the dismissal.

Spears was placed under the care of her father, Jamie Spears, in 2008 after a psychiatric hospital stay. Many of Spears’ subjects were aired by the public, such as her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Spears began to talk about the trauma she had suffered from her then active conservator in the summer of 2021. The case gained a lot of fan and media attention, most notably using the hashtag #FreeBritney to draw attention to Spears’ lack of freedom and autonomy.

Ellen ODonnell, a sophomore psychology student, shared how she found out about Britneys Conservatory through TikTok. Your TikToks would appear in my feed. And they were so strange. She couldn’t respond to comments, “Osaid Donnell. She really had no control over TikTok other than standing in front of the camera and doing something. And that was actually my first thing. I was like It’s so strange to look at. ‘ And then all the comments were about the conservatory. “

The conservatory comprised two areas, one finance area and the other as a person. Spears Sr., their curator of both categories, was in complete control of his daughters financial, medical and social life. Spears, who recently stated that she would like to have another child, even mentioned that her conservator had denied her request to stop birth control and have her IUD removed.

Its demoralizing what i doSpears stated at her hearing in June 2021. Spears and her attorney Mathew Rosengart fought to get their Conservatory from Britney. to ends ages 27 to 39 years.

After Spears Sr. suffered health problems in September 2019, he was suspended as Spears’ person’s Conservator. Jodi Montgomery was then temporarily installed in place of Spears Sr. In September 2021, Spears Sr. was suspended from his daughters estate, on which John Zabel, a financial advisor, replaced Spears Sr. as interim curator of her estate.

Lucy Wainger, a visiting professor, stated that the conservatory would damage Spears’ independence. Wainger went on to add that such obstruction to Spears’ autonomy continues the stigma of mental illness and how people struggling with their mental health can be stereotyped as unable to live unsupervised.

I think it’s really easy to let go of the agency of people who are specifically suffering from mental illnesses because these illnesses can influence your thinking, your decisions, maybe act, irrational ways. ‘ And so, in the end, it’s really easy to completely erase the authority and control over your life that someone with mental illness has, and I hope this case makes people rethink that, ”Wainger said .

Spears shocked the world with her 2007 collapse. Wainger stated that Spears’ head shave was amazing. And then when I found out about the Conservatory position, it somehow brought it home … Oh, this is a serious thing that goes on like someone has an illness and then this abusive situation happens to her. “Wainger continued, She had this crazy girl image and was something like the bum of many jokes. And in my eyes I definitely didn’t take it seriously. “

Many younger generation fans resonate with Spears and her music. The songs Toxic ”,“ Baby One More Time ”and Ups, I Did It Again ”were among their top hits in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

I’ve always loved Britney and I’ve always loved her music. “said Donnell. And I just remember that I was little and saw the shaved head and I didn’t know anything about it. “

One time spears was discharged from the conservatory, she tweeted, Good god I love my fans so muchis crazy !!! I think iI will cry the rest of the day !!!! Best day ever … praise the lord … can I get an amen ???? #FreedBritney,” with a attached video of her fans partying and waving in front of the Los Angeles courthouse Free Britney signs and pink confetti fill the air as someone shouts through a megaphone. The conservatory is over! “

The surge of support has brought awareness and support for mental health.

I think it should have been a long time ago, but I’m happy for her. And I have the feeling that she can do a lot with her life now ”, Osaid Donnell.

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