Two new COVID-19 treatments available in Douglas County

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — The Douglas County Department of Health has begun distributing two new pills to treat COVID-19.

“One is Paxlovid, and that’s actually a first-line drug, very effective in preventing serious illnesses. The other is molnupiravir and that has been shown to be less effective,” said Dr. Anne O’Keefe, chief epidemiologist at the Douglas County Health Dept.

Douglas County Chief Epidemiologist – Dr. Anne O’Keefe says the new treatments must be taken within five days of symptoms appearing, and she says the pills won’t suit everyone.

“These pills are for anyone who is at high risk of developing a serious illness. So we know that older people are at very high risk, people with underlying conditions that could get worse if they get COVID-19,” said Dr. O’Keefe.

You must also have a prescription from your doctor to get your hands on the treatment.

dr O’Keefe says it’s important that you communicate with your doctor and tell them about any medical conditions you have.

“The Paxlovid does have some drug interactions, just because the body metabolizes it, it could interfere with other drugs.”

The state has also received limited supplies of the two drugs, and new shipments only arrive every two weeks.

So your doctor will help you find the best places to find the treatment if you qualify for it.

dr O’Keefe says these treatments are not through the vaccine and that the vaccine remains your best line of defense against COVID-19.

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