Twilight: Bella’s life before Forks was sad


The Twilight saga begins with Bella Swan moving in with her father Charlie, but her life before Forks was pretty sad.

The Twilight Saga begins when 17-year-old Bella Swan moves to Forks, Washington, to live with her father Charlie after being raised by her mother Renee. Most of the series actually focuses on what happens to Bella after she moved to Forks and met Edward Cullen and his vampire family, but there are several details about what their life was like before this happened. And unfortunately, those details paint a sad picture of Bella’s life before it turned into the supernatural.

Renee and Charlie were young when they first married, and their relationship broke up not long after Bella’s birth. Bella visited Charlie in Forks during the summer months, but that didn’t last long, so their relationship was pointed out to Charlie visiting her on vacation. This resulted in Bella not getting very close to her father and not knowing him too well. After moving in with him, however, she makes several observations about how similar they are and how easy it is for her to live with him.

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Twilight Renee Dwyer, Charlie Swan

Bella says she is close to her mother, but she can never tell her the truth, mostly because Renee is way too dependent on her. Bella knows the exact words Renee used when she broke up with Charlie and left him and took his only daughter with her. Bella was just a kid and it was unfair of Renee to load up her emotional baggage.

The ease of Bella’s life with Charlie is in direct contrast to what Bella, the narrator, has the reader believe about life with her mother. Bella often complains that she has had difficulty making friends with her peers and she notices that she feels older than she is. She never directly connects to the way her mother raised her, but the clues are in the details. It is reasonable to conclude that this is how Bella feels as a direct result of her mother’s immaturity and selfishness. She talks about being a young kid and being responsible for the family’s finances while Renee hops back and forth between expensive hobbies. To make matters worse, Bella relates that she has struggled to afford a weather-appropriate wardrobe in Forks while her mother continues her frivolous expenses.

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Bella is also the main cook when she moves in at Charlie’s because she had to take on the supervisor role in her relationship with Renee, and she transfers that habit to Charlie. Charlie lived alone for 17 years taking care of his own cooking and housework before Bella showed up, but Bella feels the need to look after her parents because it’s the only way she has ever known.

When Charlie takes care of and takes care of Bella, she is surprised and often overwhelmed by emotions. When the weather turns icy, Bella spends all night worrying about being able to drive her truck on the streets, even though she never mentions it to Charlie. But when she wakes up one morning, she discovers that Charlie has put chains on her tires without being asked. He just did his job as a parent taking care of his daughter and her safety. Bella becomes incredibly emotional at this gesture and is deeply moved by his actions. Obviously, she is not used to being looked after and cared for as she has spent most of her life doing such things for herself.

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Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan at Twilight

Renee’s selfishness becomes even more evident in Midnight sun when the reader is given access to their inner thoughts through Edward. With Bella in the hospital after her near-fatal attack, Renee is more concerned about missing a call from her husband than about her daughter, who is lucky enough to be alive. Her thoughts are so loud and self-centered that it is impossible to ignore how difficult Bella’s life must have grown up.

Bella explains to Edward that the reason she moved to Forks had nothing to do with what she wanted. She admits she felt a burden to her mother and moved in with her father to relieve Renee of the responsibility of raising her daughter. In reality, Renee would rather travel the country to follow her new husband while he played minor league baseball than be with her own daughter, and Bella knew how her mother felt.

Bella Swan’s time in Forks was dramatic and full of life and death, but her life so far has been quite lonely. Renee may be kind and enthusiastic, but she was also selfish as a mother, which resulted in her child looking for love elsewhere.

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