Trevor Summers’ daughter Arden Summers testifies against him

Trevor Steven Summers and Alisa Mathewson (behind him at right in pink) watch as their daughter Arden Summers testifies.

A man accused of kidnapping, sexually assaulting and attempting to kill his ex-wife used his older daughter to help him sneak into the home, the daughter’s trial testimony revealed Wednesday .

Trevor Steven SummersThe 45-year-old had reportedly wanted to make sure everyone at the home was sleeping, but according to his daughter Arden summerthen 14, he let her sniff through her mother Alisa MathewsonHandbag to see if there are birth control pills.

Arden said during the direct investigation that her father convinced her to leave the window open in a child’s room so he could sneak in on the morning of March 11, 2017. He allegedly told her he wanted to speak to her mother about legal matters. The former couple, who have five children together, were separated and going through a divorce at the time.

Arden admitted that during this time she was upset with her mother because Mathewson had moved on to dating her now-husband Jeff Mathewson. Arden testified that she and her father originally considered executing the window plan a few days earlier, but she was brought home after getting into an argument about Summers. Arden admitted to protecting him at the time.

A lot has changed in five years. Arden apparently kept his tone respectful when her self-representing father questioned her, but she spoke bitterly about him in the run-up to the case.

“That was a man I trusted,” daughter Arden previously said, according to Fox 13 News. “This is a man I thought could do no wrong and just knowing he used me to do what he wanted to do hurts more than anything.”

Summers also brought his son with him Land, then 12, got involved in his plan to sneak into Mathewson’s house, Arden said. Arden said her brother was also unhappy about their mother’s dating.

In the time leading up to the kidnapping, Summers communicated with Arden and Landen in a group chat, she testified. Arden said he told her to call him “Taylor” on the phone in case her mother was looking through the phone. Arden said she has two phones: one from her mother and the other from her father.

Defendant Summers is also said to have asked Arden if her mother used a password or fingerprint on her personal phone. Prosecutors say he tried to use Mathewson’s thumb to try to unlock her phone during the attack.

On the night of March 10, 2017, Mathewson watched a movie at her home with Arden and two younger children Brno and grady. In the time leading up to the incident, they discussed the possibility that Mathewson’s new boyfriend might be there.

“Make sure she’s not video chatting with this guy,” Summers allegedly said in a text read by prosecutors.

He also allegedly told his daughter to search her mother’s purse for birth control pills.

“Did she skip her purse,” Summers reportedly wrote. “Any pills in there?

“Idk [I don’t know]’ she wrote in one text.

“Check it out if you can,” Summers reportedly said.

“Okay,” Arden wrote, later adding that there was only Alka-Seltzer.

“Okay,” he reportedly wrote, later adding, “Any receipts for prescriptions or birth control?”

“Not that I see,” Arden wrote.

According to Arden, her father arrived late that night in a vehicle with Landen and his younger brother cooperthen 3. She waited in the vehicle, a Chrysler Pacifica, while her father walked in, she said.

Mathewson had testified that Summers mugged her in bed at 3 a.m. on March 11, 2017 while she was sleeping in bed with Grady and Bryn.

Bryn, then 8 and now 13, testified Wednesday that she woke up to her mother yelling at her father. She said she doesn’t remember what her mother said, but during cross-examination she said her mother sounded concerned or scared. Arden said she, Landen, and Cooper stayed in her father’s vehicle.

According to testimony, the defendant Summers let all five of his children drive to his home alone. Arden took the wheel. Although she was the oldest child, at the time she wasn’t even old enough for a Florida learner’s permit, let alone a driver’s license.

“She said, ‘I’m just going to take it slow. I’ll drive like an old man,” Bryn testified.

Mathewson testified that Summers sexually assaulted her after the children left. During cross-examination, she and he often used the word “sex” to describe the incident, but she pointed out that he previously pushed, held down, tied up, assaulted, and broke into her home while she was sleeping.

“You raped me!” she said.

During her cross-examination, Arden said she did not remember her parents physically fighting. Her father also asked questions about Mathewson’s current husband. Deputy Prosecutor JenniferJohnson Successful appeal on grounds of relevance to a firearms issue.

Defendant Summers previously made a fuss over scarves he allegedly owned during the incident and questioned his ex how she could remember the colors when it was so dark in the apartment.

“I know it’s those colors because you used them to tie me up after the fight, so I know what colors it was,” Mathewson said.

Summers brought up those scarves again when interrogating Bryn. Bryn had testified that after waking up, she saw scarves in her father’s back pocket. She recognized them as belonging to her sister Arden, she said. During cross-examination, Bryn said she did not recall seeing these shawls at her mother’s house earlier.

“Nice to see you,” the defendant Summers told Bryn at the end of cross-examination.

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