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GUWAHATI: The MLA Sherman Ali Ahmed Congress proposed in the assembly that contraceptives should be sent to every woman, especially in the minority areas of lower Assam, in order to control the population of the state. Ahmed also urged the House to consider raising the age of marriage for girls to 20, with taking grade 12 exams as the minimum qualification for marriage. Delayed marriage, he said, could help with population control in the lower districts of Assam.
In response, Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma informed the House that the government plans to provide an ASHA-style labor group just to distribute contraceptives. He revealed the government’s plans to start a population army of 1,000 Muslim youth from the Khar Khapori river basins inhabited by the minority community.
“Our plan is to send 10,000 women to minority villages as additional ASHA workers. Your only job will be to provide contraceptives there, ”Sarma informed.
Details of the project should be announced after three to four months. Sarma also announced that raising the age of marriage is being considered. In connection with Assam, he said the state government’s population control efforts are not anti-Muslim but anti-poverty.
“The increase in the Muslim population will automatically decrease after 20-40 years. We just want to speed up the process, ”said Sarma.
Ahmed had previously called on the Prime Minister to urge the DCs and SPs, especially in the minority-inhabited lower districts of Assam, to deal more strictly with underage marriages. “The DC and SP should be suspended if a girl under 18 gets married in a district like Barpeta,” Ahmed said during a discussion about population control measures.
Baghbar lawmakers said many women in minority areas, including workers from ASHA and Anganwadi, are unaware of contraceptive use. “They are reluctant to ask about contraceptives in pharmacies, where men usually stand behind the counter,” said Ahmed. “If possible, should the age of marriage be raised to 20, Assam will see a change in the next 10 years,” he added.
When comparing population growth over 10 years since 2001, the CM said the corresponding figure for Muslims was 29 compared to the birth of 10 Hindus.
“As a result of the slow population growth, the lifestyle of the Hindus in Assam has improved. They could buy cars, their children became doctors and went abroad to work, ”he said.
Sarma said by force that Muslims had started invading forest areas. He said a soil assessment of the minority areas was more necessary than the surveys to assess the impending dangers.
Sarma emphasized that Congress, BJP and AIUDF do not differ in the need for population control measures. “We need a realistic solution to population control,” he added.

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