Stefanik votes against a bill guaranteeing the right to contraceptives

WASHINGTON, DC (WWNY) — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of North Country voted Thursday against a bill guaranteeing the right to use contraceptives.

The bill was pushed through the House of Representatives by Democrats between 228 and 195. Only eight Republicans voted with the Democratic majority.

House Democrats have begun to force votes on these and other privacy rights-related issues in hopes of long-term victories or at least to motivate sympathetic voters and donors and force Republicans from competitive districts into sticky spots.

“House Democrats’ bill will not allow FDA-approved drugs, putting women’s health at significant risk and sending taxpayer money to far-left abortion providers like Planned Parenthood,” Stefanik said in a statement.

“I take pride in life and have helped expand access to over-the-counter FDA-approved contraceptives. Additionally, I am a co-proponent of legislation to support FDA-approved contraception to protect women’s health.”

Earlier this week, Stefanik sided with the Democrats to support a measure to protect gay marriage.

Democrats are forcing votes on privacy issues after the Supreme Court was crushed in June Roe V Wadewhich guarantees the nationwide right to abortion.

In his opinion, overturn roe Last month Judge Clarence Thomas wrote that the court should now review other precedents. He mentioned judgments upholding the rights of same-sex marriage in 2015, same-sex intimate relationships in 2003, and contraceptive use by married couples in 1965.

Thomas didn’t specify a 1972 decision that legalized contraceptive use by unmarried people, but Democrats say they see that as at risk, too.

The Contraception Act specifically allows the use of contraception and gives the medical community the right to provide it, and covers “any device or medication used to prevent pregnancy.” Examples listed include oral contraceptives, injections, implants such as IUDs, and emergency contraceptives that prevent pregnancy for several days after unprotected intercourse.

Every Democrat supported the legislation. The House Democrats’ campaign committee was quick to jump on that inequality, with Speaker Helen Kalla saying her party will “fight to protect women’s freedoms from the GOP’s sinister agenda.”

Also Rep. Claudia Tenney, the Republican congresswoman who now represents the district that includes Utica and Binghamton but is running for election this fall in a district that will include part of Jefferson County, also votes against the contraceptive bill .

“The right to contraception is secure,” Tenney said Thursday. “This is not an emergency.”

The weak support of the Republican House of Representatives indicated that their fortunes in the 50-50 Senate had been uphill at best. At least 10 GOP senators would need to support the bill for it to reach the 60 votes needed to pass most legislation there.

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