Shasta Community Health Center will be one of the first in Shasta County to receive the Merck Covid-19 pill

REDDING, California- Another weapon to fight Covid-19 could be here soon, and Merck’s Covid-19 pill is set to hit Shasta County soon.

Shasta Community Health Center is scheduled to receive a shipment of 20 pills next week, but those pills are not a preventive measure. It treats the disease as soon as a person is infected.

The FDA fully approved the Merck pill last week; Adults aged 18 and over and at high risk of severe Covid-19 are entitled to the drug.

Now it’s similar to Tami flu in that it treats the virus in people who are already infected, but while Tami flu prevents the virus from entering your cells, the Merck pill prevents Covid-19 from replicating.

Laura Dougan, deputy chief operations at Shasta Community Health Center, says treatment lasts five days and those allowed to take the pill must take four pills in the morning and four pills in the evening.

“If someone is at high risk and if they have health problems that would worsen if they got Covid and are older or if they cannot be vaccinated. These are likely the people who would be given the medication,” Dougan said.

For Shasta County’s Craig Wages, he says he’s all for the Covid-19 pill.

“I’m just about making myself ourselves and if it’s something that helps society and keeps us healthy, I’m all for it, man, if we can live longer, laugh longer, do it, I’m whole for it, “said Craig Wages Jr.

People need to be aware that in order to get the Merck pill they need a prescription.

Dougan tells Action News Now that the Shasta Community Health Center should receive more pills, but it all depends on manufacturers and availability.

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