Sen. McKay and all Republicans who support forced births have lost their souls

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Hundreds of protesters march down State Street on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, following a protest hosted by Planned Parenthood against the Ban on Our Bodies.

Dear Sen. McKay, Thank you for supporting Utah’s Trigger Act, which in just a few short months will protect the sanctity of life in the Land of Zion. This life, of course, is a potential life that the women of Utah must carry to the end. This incredible act of moral legislation will increase the burden on taxpayers to fund foster families, build new schools and provide health care. As a bonus, we will see an increase in crime. Crime linked to an increase in homelessness and poverty, but also an increase in allegations of rape because this is the only remaining option to ensure women are not reduced to hotbeds.

Unfortunately, you have done nothing to help women prevent pregnancy – and thereby reduce the need for an abortion – and suggest that this is not about the sanctity of life, but about the subjugation of women. Half of all pregnancies are unwanted. Men, not women, are 100% responsible for all unwanted pregnancies as they are fertile 365 days a year while women are only fertile about 24 days a year. Because men are uniformly unwilling to wear a condom because it reduces their desire. I am confident that as a man you would 100% agree with this concept which suggests that your pleasure is far more important than women’s health and safety.

If you really wanted to preserve the sanctity of life, you would support policies that make abortion unnecessary. Utah could offer low-cost or free birth control, comprehensive sex education, subsidized child care, day care centers, resources for battered women, aggressive prosecution of domestic violence, and aggressive prosecution of dimwitted fathers who refuse to pay child support. All of these measures help to reduce abortions. However, you and the Republican legislature find no value in it. Why do you say? Because these actions either provide support through social programs and/or hold men accountable.

Give women opportunities to raise their children in health and safety, not draconian misogynistic laws designed to punish and impoverish women. These are all common sense measures backed by research and statistics, suggesting your goal is not to preserve the sanctity of life, but something far more sinister. Could it be that the entire Republican plan to outlaw abortion is to increase “home care for infants” as proposed by Judge Alito? Sen. McKay, you and every Republican who supports forced birth have lost your souls.

Brooke Winters, Riverton

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