Queen’s Gambit Vinyl with Optical Illusion from Mondo


The vinyl of the Queen’s Gambit looks like a 3D chess board. The cover consists of stills from the Netflix miniseries paired with a chess design.

The Queen’s Gambit gets a vinyl of the TV series soundtrack with an optical illusion cover. The Queen’s Gambit arrived on Netflix in October 2020. Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) ‘s engaging plot and intriguing character study drew viewers and became an instant hit. In addition to doing well on Netflix, the miniseries inspired a resurgence in interest in chess.

Mondo connects with Netflix to create a unique one The Queen’s Gambit Vinyl. The complicated score for The Queen’s Gambit was written by Emmy Award winning composer Carlos Rafael Rivera. Actually, The Queen’s Gambit is what earned him one of his two Emmy wins. In addition to the imaginative music, the vinyl has an equally fascinating design. Although the cover is flat, it appears to be 3D. Look at the photos of Mondo under:

Women's Gambit Vinyl

Queen's Gambit Vinyl

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The top and front of the die have black and white checkers with a green field. The green square is reminiscent of the pills Beth got addicted to when she was young. In addition, Beth appears to be inside the cube, half hidden by the edge of the cube. There are also die cut sleeves within the vinyl that have more images from the series paired with a white, black, and green checkerboard design. The cool and confusing design comes from Alan Haynes. this The Queen’s Gambit Vinyl is part of Mondo’s Special Mondo x Death Waltz 10th Anniversary.

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Source: Mondo

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