Planned Parenthood is offering free “Plan B” pills following the Texas ban on abortion


Planned Parenthood South Texas says the pills will be available at their local clinics the morning after by November 30th.

SAN ANTONIO – As part of the abortion ban in Texas, a local organization is now offering additional options for women from South Texas.

On a major fundraising day for Planned Parenthood South Texas, the group announced that it was offering free morning-after pill.

In response to the abortion ban passed in September, Planned Parenthood is trying to direct callers to various resources.

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“We see a lot of anger from our supporters and also from patients who call our call center and are incredulous that they are not receiving constitutional care,” said Mara Posada, director of public affairs for Planned Parenthood South Texas.

The group is now offering free “Plan B” pills to anyone who needs them.

“Emergency contraceptives or Plan B are more important than ever. It is important that people are aware of all of their resources. And given what happened last month with the Texas abortion ban, we felt it was important to make this service accessible and free to anyone who needs it, “Posada told KENS 5.

Different-priced emergency contraceptives are typically $ 15 at Planned Parenthood. In 2021, the group had 21,440 patients, including 18,400 from San Antonio.

Posada says the pills are now available in all clinics in her area through November 30th.

“We believe it is important and imperative that our community is aware that this resource exists,” said Posada.

Some women who attended lunch also marched the streets of San Antonio on Saturday.

“It is absolutely against humanity to obey this law,” Edda Buchner told KENS 5.

Your neighbor, Lily Barucky, is relieved that Planned Parenthood is offering the free “Plan B” pills along with the other services on offer.

“I think it’s a very important addition for a woman making a decision,” said Barucky.

“A lot of us didn’t know we were pregnant … well into pregnancy. I think this is a wonderful idea and I love this option, ”added Barucky.

While “Plan B” is an option, Planned Parenthood encourages people to have a plan to explore other options like birth control.

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