Ohio medical offices are reporting more men seeking vasectomies

CINCINNATI – Since the leak of a draft opinion from the US Supreme Court overthrowing Roe v. Wade undergoes a medical procedure among men.

what you need to know

  • The Urology Group in Cincinnati reported a sharp increase in the number of men inquiring about and receiving a vasectomy
  • TUG vasectomies increased in June, July, and August compared to the same months last year
  • Although there is no firm data, doctors said this may have been due to the fall of Roe v. could be due to Wade
  • The Wexner Medical Center and Ohio State University’s Cleveland Clinic also reported that more men are seeking counseling or procedures

The Urology Group is seeing a sharp increase in the number of men wanting a vasectomy.

The number of vasectomies performed in June was 19% higher than in June 2021 and in July there was a 14% increase compared to July 2021.

If Urology Group physicians complete all vasectomies scheduled for August, the month will represent an 80% increase over August 2021.

“A vasectomy is a fairly simple in-office procedure,” said TUG President Gary Kirsh.

Kirsh said while the numbers are rising, group members aren’t quite sure why, but the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Picking up Wade could be part of the reason.

“We haven’t seen an increase like this, if at all, in many years,” Kirsh said. “And then that kind of interest right after the Roe v. Seeing Wade, while not proof, is suggestive.”

The trend is different nationwide.

In Columbus, Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center reported a 2% increase in the number of men receiving vasectomies in June, July, and August compared to the same period in 2021. However, more than 100 men are being referred to to arrange a consultation or an intervention the hospital.

The Cleveland Clinic also reported a significant increase in men seeking more information about the procedure in July.

Kirsh argued that many men choose the procedure because it’s easier on a woman than a tubal ligation and they’re reasonably affordable. Kirsh also said most men typically get vasectomies to limit the number of children they can father.

“Vasectomies are a really viable method of birth control as long as you want a permanent method of birth control, and the increasing use of them by men is a sign that they don’t have to be afraid of the procedure, that it can be done very conveniently, quickly.” and safe,” Kirsh said.

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