Odd News Roundup: Colombian Beetles Exported to Japan Using Cryptocurrency; Birth Control For Colombia’s Hippos: Contraceptive Arrows and More


Below is a summary of the recent odd news.

Colombian beetles exported to Japan using cryptocurrency

A Colombian exporter of hardwood beetles, a favorite pet of Japanese children, has created its own cryptocurrency to avoid high commissions on international sales. “It is an alternative to be able to export the beetles to Japan or any other part of the world and use them as currency,” said Carmelo Campos, chief programmer of Tierra Viva, based in the central Andean town of Tunja.

Birth control for Colombia’s hippos: contraceptive arrows

Colombia’s hippos, an oversized legacy of the late drug lord Pablo Escobar, are messed with custom contraceptives normally used to control deer populations to stop overbreeding. Around 90 hippos, descendants of those that Escobar imported for his private zoo more than 30 years ago, are expected to roam Colombia, said David Echeverri, coordinator for forests and biodiversity at the regional environmental agency Cornare, in an interview.

In Naples, Three Wise Men receive a COVID health passport to visit Jesus’ crib

This year, the three wise men have something special with them with gifts made of gold, frankincense and myrrh when they visit the baby Jesus: their COVID-19 health passport. Artisans along San Gregorio Armeno Street in the historic center of Naples, Italy are famous for using art to adapt their nativity scenes to the time they live in.

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