Noida guest house sex racquet run canceled; Contraceptives, cell phones confiscated


Originally, the racket’s organizers and managers ran a spa in Sector 18 (representative image). | Photo credit: iStock Images

Key highlights

  • A sex racket was blown up by Noida police on Monday evening
  • The defendant operated the sex racket from a guest house

Noida: A sex racket operated from a guest house in Noida was arrested by police on Monday night. The defendant had operated the thugs from a three-story building in Sector 51 in Noida under the guise of a guest house to avoid suspicion.

The managers of the sex racket have been identified as Akash, Shivam, Ramesh, Abhishek, Yogesh, Pramod, Puja Nagpal, and Milan Thakur. Originally, the racket’s organizers and managers ran a spa in Sector 18.

Defendant operated spa in Sector 18

However, the spa closed earlier this year. The police suspect that the defendant also performed sexual services for customers at the spa. It is suspected that the defendants informed their customers about the guest house before the spa closed.

During the raid, police rescued 10 women and confiscated telephones, account books and contraceptives from the building. The investigation found that the defendants charged their customers between 5,000 and 15,000 rupees. The times of India reported.

Police officers received notification of sex discounts

Ranvijay Singh, DCP (Noida), said the guest house used by the defendants was an apartment building. They used to take bookings through WhatsApp messages or calls. He added: “The police received a lead on the brawl which led to a raid on the house. Eight managers were arrested along with ten male clients from the Delhi-NCR area. Ten women were also rescued from the village. “

During the interrogation, the rescued women told the police that they used to work in the spa and that the managers forced them to trade in meat. The defendant reportedly told the women that if they refused to work, they would lose money. Following the raid, the defendants were placed under the appropriate sections of India’s Criminal Code (IPC) and the 1956 Prevention of Immoral Intercourse Act.

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