Nick Cannon addresses comments about being celibate, now he has a baby on the way

The invested interest in Nick Cannon’s bedroom activities is no accident. After all, the man has seven children, and soon another little boy is on the way. However, the recent pregnancy announcement for the new baby caused a little more excitement, as Cannon vowed in October to remain celibate for a while. Did he just break his celibacy or never really tried? Fountain, The Masked Singer The host now addresses all the confusion.

Angela Yee made sure Nick Cannon was given a clear timeline of events during his appearance on Rumor Report. He explained to her that he had already learned that his partner Bre Tiesi was pregnant when he applied for celibacy. the drum line The actor said that Tiesi is currently five months old and the commitment was four months ago (which irons out the details a bit). His therapist apparently suggested a break from the sexy period after sharing how stressed he was about the upcoming baby, which coincided with the appearance of his self-titled talk show. Calling out the naysayers head on, Cannon added:

So for anyone who was thinking, “Oh, he wasn’t celibate!” I was! Because I was involved [all that]… I was like you, I need to get my life under control because I felt like I was out of control. And honestly, being celibate has helped me along the way to becoming one with myself. be able to handle it. So now everyone knows why I was actually celibate.

But in case you were wondering – no, the media personality is still not celibate. Apparently he “almost” made it to New Year’s Eve. Angela Yee prompted him with another odd question that seemed to be circulating in public: namely, how is his sperm so “powerful”? One might think that a lack of contraception is enough, but the former All that Star joked that it must be the cold-pressed juices, oregano oil, supplements and herbs he’s been consuming on a regular basis.

If you thought it couldn’t get more TMI, it actually does. Nick Cannon responded to whether all of his children’s mothers got along in his signature brand fashions by saying they all get along him, definitely. He added that they are all “amazing” and he’s grateful for allowing the kids to grow up and get to know each other. (However, we all know who his sweetheart still is, so Bre Tiesi should be careful.) But will he stop having more children or possibly go celibate again? Cannon shared:

I do not have a number. I just want to have as many children as I can healthily care for and be a good father to.

Nothing against a big family. But it looks like Nick Cannon is headed down the cheaper-by-the-dozen route…

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