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Arkansas Medicaid customers can now pay for additional prescriptions every month.

Arkansas Medicaid previously paid for up to three adult prescriptions per month. Customers’ doctors could also request three more prescriptions if necessary.

Now, adult Medicaid customers can have Medicaid pay for up to six prescriptions per month. In addition, several classes of routine medication do not count towards this limit. This means customers can cover these types of prescriptions AND pay for up to six (6) other Medicaid prescriptions. Customers’ doctors cannot ask Medicaid to provide additional prescriptions.

The types of medication that do not count towards each customer’s limit are:

High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Bleeding disorders


Inhalers for breathing difficulties

Birth control pills


Medicines used to treat opioid disorders

Medications to help you quit smoking

These extended benefits apply only to adults 21 years of age and older who are enrolled in the Medicaid paid program. People under the age of 21 continue to receive unlimited pharmacy benefits. This does not apply to customers on a PASSE (Arkansas Shared Savings Entity) or customers on a qualified health plan through the Medicaid ARHOME (Arkansas Health and Opportunity for Me) waiver program.

For more information, customers can call the Arkansas Human Services Pharmacy Department at 501-683-4120.

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