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Abortion, holding arms show logical contradiction

Somewhere in America, a woman walks into a clinic and has an abortion. According to the likes of Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Todd Rokita and others, this woman killed her unborn child.

Somewhere in America, someone walks into a classroom full of students and shoots those students so badly that some parents can’t even identify their own children.

What was the reaction of our Republican politicians in that state?

According to these people, we must ban all abortions in Indiana. Ban any birth control product or method and close all abortion clinics. They proudly claim that they do this to save the lives of unborn children.

So if the answer to saving the lives of the unborn is to ban abortion, our Republican politicians need to explain why Indiana isn’t banning guns and ammunition to save the lives of the living. There is no safe place from guns in America today. churches? no Schools? no Shopping centers? no concerts? no Children playing in their front yards? no The list is endless.

If you’re going to go by Rokita’s claim that the woman who had the abortion “killed” her child, I’ll say that – unlike the person who shot a classroom of children – at least she didn’t kill other women’s children Has.

I challenge Eric Holcomb, Rokita, Jim Banks, Todd Young, and Mike Braun to publicly explain to all Hoosiers why they support Indiana’s ban on abortion but not guns.

Curtis J. Ransom


failure of immigration

Ellis Island is the most well-known American legal immigration portal. As a frame of reference, it processed almost 12 million legal immigrants from 1892 to 1954. President Joe Biden and Southern Border Tsarina Kamala Harris allowed 2 million illegal immigrants and escapes to America in just nine months. When it comes to illegal immigration, the Biden administration is a high achiever.

Bruce Cynar

Leo Cedarville

The growing extremism of the banks is not keeping pace with Indiana

Why do you choose Jim Banks? He bemoans and blames President Joe Biden but refuses to vote for anything to address the issues.

He has voted against blocking oil companies from price gouging, infrastructure, child tax credit, inflation control law, protecting women’s right to birth control, equal rights for women, humanitarian aid at the border and raising the minimum wage to $15. He uses his veteran status to get votes, but votes against veterans getting the help they need. He supported the attempt to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. He votes for tax breaks for multimillionaire donors but opposes student loan assistance for Hoosiers.

He is a radical right-wing extremist who is afraid to face his constituents in open town halls. He lives in a million dollar house in Virginia, gets Super Bowl seats and only comes here to raise money. He attacks the FBI and anyone else who tries to enforce the law when it comes to Republican crimes.

He’s been living on our dime for six years. He is not an honorable man. He spreads lies and propaganda on social media. Banks is too radical and extreme for Indiana. Look up his voting list for yourself. We deserve so much better. Please vote accordingly in November.

Marlo Aguirre


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