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Many people seem to think that CRT is merely the academic application of rational and scientific methodology to critically examine institutions, laws, regulations, programs, policies, procedures, practices and power dynamics in order to identify racial prejudice – regardless of any political agenda or Ideology.

Why don’t we take what many people already believe CRT is and call it “Reformed Critical Racial Theory”. This reformed CRT would be based on classical liberalism, Judeo-Christian values, the moral foundations of the civil rights movement, the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lewis and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights match. No sensible person could defend himself against it.

Save the babies

Regarding Cheryl Foster’s October 28th letter to the editor, I walk around Planned Parenthood the whole time and haven’t seen anyone talking to children. We only talk to adults. We are handing out flyers to those who take them with them. We never lie. We are not aggressive and threatening. We want to save the babies because God created them and He directs us to pray for the babies to be saved. You are a gift from God.

We’re kind people from all walks of life, and we just want to prevent Planned Parenthood from taking babies from their mothers. Or at least carry them to maturity and put them up for adoption so that those of us who can’t have our own can raise their babies to be godly people. Why did you even publish this letter? Abortion is not a form of birth control; it is murder.

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