Letter to the editor: Abortion demonstrators miss out on more important issues | Letters to the editor

Every October fanatics march up and down Wicks Lane from Planned Parenthood with their anti-abortion signs. One day when I turned on Wicks from Babcock, four old, gray men were stomping back and forth. Their signs read “Pray to Stop the Abortion”. The posters should read “Pray to Stop Legal Abortions”.

If abortion returns to the butchers in the back streets, Le Vie, the amalgamation of Birthright and the Crisis Pregnancy Center, founded in the 1980s after Roe v. Wade, will go out of business. Effective immediately, Le Vie offers part-time exercise to keep the doors open. To compete with Planned Parenthood and reduce unwanted pregnancies, you might think that they would offer free birth control methods: condoms, the pill, the patch.

But no wedding ring, no sex. It’s a shotgun wedding or adoption. The billings in Billings show a perfect white baby with older white parents. But these days, unmarried women keep babies, and couples often walk down the aisle with their first child in their arms. So there is a shortage of children to be adopted.

Meanwhile, the abortion rate in Montana is dropping from about 2,000 in 2008 to an average of about 1,500 in 2018, with 10% of them coming here from overseas women. I am a Christian and I pray for a decreasing legal abortion rate along with more healthy, happy women and babies.

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