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How uninformed can a person be? I ask you how uninformed can a person be? Using a phrase like “American Taliban” is as ignorant as anybody could be. The Taliban army disarmed Afghanistan and made the war zone a place of Islamic law. They use offensive tactics to express their laws, including massacres of civilians, terrorist attacks, evictions and torture. On the other hand, those with the right to life are those who value living in the United States of America.

There is nothing political about trying to save the life of the unborn. Abortion advocates are the enemy of the unborn and deny their right to life. They suppress the full development and life of those who cannot defend themselves.

Pro-choice people despise the lives of these innocent embryos and fetuses. These little ones are denied the personal freedom they need to live long enough to make personal choices about their freedoms, equal education, economic opportunities, health, or rights.

Abortion advocates are willing to kill people, mostly for selfish reasons. Yes, the main reason for an abortion is for birth control. This is totally unacceptable.

The term “American Taliban” is an extremely uninformed phrase. However, if there is anyone in America who is acting like the Taliban, it is this group of people who want to murder babies.

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