Letter: Protect women, vote out GOP | letters to the editor

Women in Iowa cannot afford to vote Republican in the upcoming election. The Republican Party is working hard to take away your right to privacy and your right to health care. The Republican-led Legislature and Governor are telling Iowa women they will make sure you have no privacy rights and they will deny you access to health care and decisions about your medical care. The Republican Party in this country threatens the health, safety, welfare and lives of American women and girls. Taking federal protections away from private healthcare decisions is an anti-liberty act and harms women and girls. Laws that prohibit abortion are state-sanctioned domestic abuse and child abuse. These laws will deny women and girls health care if their bodies cannot carry a baby. Women will die or be hurt. Republicans across the country are also promoting legislation banning contraception and have already banned a safe birth control drug. Women need birth control because it is used for more than just preventing pregnancy. Millions of women and girls need to use contraception so they can go to work and school all month. The Republican Party should be ashamed of their treatment of women and girls in 2022. There is a Republican-led effort to harm women and girls, and the Iowa Republican Party is leading this war. Vote to protect women and girls in Iowa. Vote for women’s life and freedom.

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