Kelly and Matthew Stafford discuss why getting a vasectomy is hard

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  • Kelly Stafford brought her husband Matthew onto her podcast this week and the discussion revolved around the couple having finished having children
  • Kelly and Matthew Stafford discussed the difficulties NFL players face when attempting to have a vasectomy and he spoke about ever taking male birth control pills
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Professional athletes live by different calendars than the rest of us. Most of the time I base my internal calendar around holidays, but athletes plan their years around the seasons of their sports. A case in point is footballer Antoine Griezmann, who has three children, all born on the same day. For NFL players like Matthew Stafford, who admittedly is done with having kids forever, that can make it pretty difficult to get “snipped.”

In this week’s episode of The morning after with Kelly Stafford podcast, she brought her husband back onto the show. Matthew Stafford appeared onstage right after the Super Bowl, where the couple talked about partying at Drake’s house the night they won the Super Bowl. This time they’re talking about married couple things like babies and not having them.

Kelly and Matthew Stafford say they’re done with having kids forever. I’ve typed their discussion below to make it easier to digest. If you want to listen to the pod, the discussion starts around the 26 minute mark. Let’s get to that, shall we?

Kelly and Matthew Stafford discuss why getting a vasectomy is hard

Kelly Stafford: We don’t have any more babies, it’s just weird. We’ve been in full-fledged baby mode for so long.

Kelly’s co-host: How about another?

Kelly Stafford: no

Matthew Stafford: Please do not.

Kelly Stafford: Oh god, no. I try to flick him during The Masters but the asshole can’t find a doctor.

Matthew Stafford: I have conflicting information on how long recovery takes.

Kelly Stafford: We’re talking about having babies and you’re talking about getting a small cut.

Matthew Stafford: no i understand Someone told me I can’t pick up my kids for two weeks.

Kelly Stafford: I heard 24 hours.

Matthew Stafford: Right, that’s why I’m in 24 hours, or I’m in 24 hours. But if I can’t lift weights for two or three weeks. How am I supposed to go to Day 1 of our offseason program and say, “Sorry, I can’t lift weights guys”?

Kelly’s co-host: Can you do it earlier?

Matthew Stafford: No, we are approaching the deadline. And honestly, if I did it on April 1st and then we’ll start on April 18th. Actually I’m busy on April 1st. Look, I would definitely do it, we just have to find the right time.

What about male birth control?

Here the conversation shifts to the male birth control pill, which is set to hit the market soon. They ask Matthew if he would ever take her. Here’s what he has to say….

Kelly’s co-host: Male contraception might be coming out now, did you see that?

Kelly Stafford: I thought it was over.

Kelly’s co-host: I think it’s like an official coming out, they always tested it. That’s actually an interesting question (for Matthew), would you ever take a male birth control if you could play with it and it doesn’t interfere with NFL stuff and it’s the way women use birth control, would you ever take a male birth control ? contraceptives?

Matthew Stafford: I would. I mean, in my current state, I don’t want to have any more children. Yes I would do that. As long as it’s not like that, and I know that’s the case with women too, it’ll only ruin you.

Kelly’s co-host: (jokes) It’s driving us crazy…

Matthew Stafford: Yes, sure… sure… But no, if it didn’t drive me crazy, I would. I am a test dummy. Bring it on, let’s go.

Kelly Stafford: But we’re done having kids, so we need to figure that out. I hate birth control and my sister got pregnant about three times on it, so… Matthew doesn’t believe it either, and I’m like that but she did.

To listen to the entire episode of The morning after with Kelly Stafford you can click here to find it in Apple’s Podcasts or search for it on Spotify.

It doesn’t sound like Kelly and Matthew Stafford will be able to snap him before he has to report to the LA Rams’ offseason workouts. I don’t doubt for a second that he doesn’t want to be circumcised, but I also suspect the Rams would be lenient if he asked them not to lift weights for a few days since he’s doing a Super Bowl for the organization won.

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