Kalani triggers backlash after posting a new ad on IG. has advocated


Kalani Faagata, mother of two, advertises a family planning app on her Instagram, but many 90-day fiancé fans refer to her as a hypocrite.

Former 90 days fiance Star Kalani Faagata received a backlash after promoting a family planning app on her Instagram. Many fans do not believe that Kalani is the best person to market such products as she had two unplanned children with her Samoan husband Asuelu Pulaa. the 90 days fiance The couple first met in July 2016 when Kalani was visiting Samoa and staying at a resort where Asuelu was an activity leader. On her second visit to Samoa, she fell in love with Asuelu. Despite being a Mormon, she wanted to experience sex with the love of her life. They did the deed and the couple fathered their first child, Oliver.

While Kalani was pregnant, she applied for Asuelu’s K-1 visa. They married in September 2018 and within nine months their second son, Baby Kennedy, was born. Many 90 days fiance Viewers believe the couple became pregnant with their second child as soon as they reunited in the United States. On several occasions, Kalani has admitted that both of her pregnancies were unplanned. Asuelu now wants to have a third child because he comes from a large family.

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Since Kalani failed twice in family planning, many fans called on her to promote a contraceptive app on her Instagram. The TLC star advocated an algorithm-based app that determines a person’s fertility status based on their basal body temperature. Kalani urged fans to try this method of birth control. Reddit user Miserable-Bag3578 re-shared Kalani’s ad, writing: “I don’t think I’ll trust any family planning method advocated by someone who had not one but TWO totally unplanned children.“Another fan agreed with the OP’s comment,”It always amazes me how people: 1. Do anything for money; and 2. think that others are so stupid and fail to see through their hypocrisy. “

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Fans feel that Kalani wasn’t the right influencer to promote this product, just as Angela Deem shouldn’t have sponsored diet pills when she clearly lost weight from surgery on national television. Another 90 days fiance Fan interfered, “Reminds me of Dr. Phi / Oprah, who promote weight loss products.“A fan mentioned that Nicole Nafziger has been promoting weight loss pills for a long time, but the results aren’t obvious. However, some of Kalani’s fans argued that she didn’t have a third baby, so the app might work for you.

It is true that Kalani has not gotten pregnant since giving birth to their second child, despite Asuelu desperately wanting another baby and not using protection. Since Asuelu rarely helps raise his children, Kalani could use this new app to check their fertility to prevent pregnancy. the 90 days fiance Alum might avoid having sex or using protection on their most fertile days.

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Source: Miserable-Bag3578 / Reddit, Kalani Faagata / Instagram

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