I’m a mom and I let my kids drink and smoke, but they can NEVER get bad grades

A YOUNG mother has revealed the list of parenting rules that will be implemented as her daughter gets older, including “yes” to smoking and drinking.

TikTok user @itsjustkinzie shared the dos and don’ts on her social media, where the clip has gone viral, garnering over 125,000 views since it was uploaded.


House parties are fine – as long as everything is cleaned up afterwardsPhoto credit: @itsjustkinzie/Tiktok

But while some of their rules, such as respecting each other’s privacy and not going through the child’s phone — unless it’s an emergency — could be viewed more or less traditionally, there were some points that stood out among the sparked controversy among viewers.

“I’m lenient on drinking – if you want a glass of wine with dinner, I don’t make a big deal out of it.

“I would prefer that you don’t smoke – but if you smoke, do it at home,” the mother said, explaining she wouldn’t want her daughter “to be arrested on the street or outside smoking the wrong amount” .


“You can throw house parties too — as long as you clean up afterward.”

Regarding school performance, Kinzie insisted that the child must definitely achieve high results.

“If you get bad grades, life will not be easy for you.

Similarly, she will also expect her daughter to be involved in some type of sport or club.

Other rules included only dating after high school and taking birth control if she finds out the daughter is sexually active.

“I’m not raising your child,” said the mother of a child for whom contraception is “non-negotiable.”

“I’ll be lenient when it comes to hanging out with your friends and parties,” she revealed, “but I ALWAYS need to have your location.”

Viewers were divided, with some branding it a “very reasonable list” and others disagreeing, like this person: “So drinking and smoking but NO BAD GRADES? What.”

Another user shared her opinion: “Getting good grades isn’t easy at all, so are you willing to be patient and do whatever you need to do to help them get good grades…”

Someone else seemed to have a problem with the birth control rule and said, “Besides the birth control rule, I like this one.”

“Okay but the commitment of being in a club or sport some of us don’t want to be in school longer than necessary,” read another in a comment.

It wasn’t all criticism, however, as someone was seen joking, “Adoptt me.”

“Mine are very similar to these,” agreed a second parent.

One person thought, “I like that just because your child trusts you more and is able to come to you with anything.”

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According to the list, the child can also choose the religion they prefer


According to the list, the child can also choose the religion they preferPhoto credit: @itsjustkinzie/Tiktok

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