Ikigai: A life better pill that brings positivity


The world is in a seedy state and it doesn’t stop there. Anxiety and depression dominate. So how can you manage to find a glimmer of hope and happiness?

The secret is now in a book called ‘Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to Long and Happy Life‘. As a bestseller on Amazon, it makes you focus more on your health, your choices, and your inner self.

The average life expectancy of people in Japan is 83 years and Okinawa has the highest proportion of life expectancy over 100 years; People are wealthy and healthy.

Can you believe that

Ikigai is a four component life enhancing pill that you must ingest with life for satisfaction.

Something you love: There are things we like to do that make us feel good. So focus on the present and feel free to do things that will make your daily life happy. It can even be a person who gives you good company.

What the world needs: A small job in a big company can make you complacent. It can even make you quit your job. So be optimistic about building any value that can be explicit.

Something that pays you well: Try to work in a job that pays you well because money is just as important as your happiness.

Something you’re good at: Facing a situation where you are really bad and getting applause or attention from the audience can be a good step for you to feel that you are good at something. Overcoming obstacles can leave a feeling of accomplishment, which is a crucial component in Ikigai.

Are you ready to include these four components?

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