I am having trouble getting pregnant after years of pill

Laura Anderson of LOVE Island has said that she is struggling to get pregnant after years of taking the pill.

The 31-year-old Love Island star reconciled her relationship with singer and DJ Dane Bowers, 41, over the summer, three years after the split.


Dane Bowers and Laura Anderson are trying to have a babyPhoto credit: Rex

She told Vicky Pattison’s podcast, The Secret To, “We started trying very quickly. I’ve been taking the pill for years – just long enough to take the pill – and I thought, guess what, this is probably not that good? for my body. ”And I just thought,“ Should I just get away with it and we won’t try 100% ”.

“But I got the app, so I kept track of when I ovulated. And he said, ‘If you come off the pill, we might as well track it down and get it right’. And I said, ‘Okay, ok’. He thinks it will probably take forever. “

Laura admitted that the path ahead could be littered with problems and said she would approach it with a positive attitude.

And while IVF is one of the options available to them, she is not yet interested in going that route.

She continued, “Dane says we need to do IVF and I’m like I don’t really want to. I just never really thought that something like this would have to happen to me or whatever …

“We’re not there yet. He needs a few more checks and all, but you can’t really plan these things.”

The couple wasted no time talking about babies and marriage after they reunited.

They also admitted to New magazine that they were quick to say “I love you” and that they were interested in “moving on” from the past.

Former stewardess Laura ditched Dane in 2018 when she discovered he was with another woman behind her back.

She found out about his secret life when his other friend discovered leisurely snapshots of them online and contacted them.

Gemma Warboys, mother of two, broke the news that she had seen Dane for 18 months, and the couple bonded over their shared grief.

They had a plan to drop it at the same time, and Laura marched into the Zero Gravity club in Dubai to drop it.

In addition to his singing career, Dane is known for dating Katie Price from 1998 to 2000.

Laura broke up with ex-boyfriend Tom Brazier during lockdown last year and decided to leave the UK for good.

Laura says she's struggling to get pregnant after taking the pill for so long


Laura says she’s struggling to get pregnant after taking the pill for so longPhoto credit: Instagram
At Laura Anderson’s new home in Dubai when she is moving with Dane Bowers

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