Don’t believe the attack indicators. I will not ban birth control – but I will stand up for your rights.

Through Kelly Tshibaka

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As the US Senate primary draws near on August 16, Lisa Murkowski and her allies have decided to launch countless dishonest and fraudulent attacks against me, no doubt a sign of their growing desperation. After 21 years in the Senate, it’s telling that Murkowski is doing whatever it takes to distract Alaskans from their appalling record.

Let’s address the biggest lie first – her outrageous claim that I support banning the sale of birth control pills by mail.

I and members of my family are among the millions of American women who have taken birth control pills. I do not support restricting their sale by mail or otherwise. Investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in an advertising campaign is not going to change that fact.

The misleading ads are based on a video taken out of context from one of my many town halls while I was answering questions about abortion and other issues. Pills that induce abortions should not be confused with regular birth control pills that prevent pregnancy.

Unfortunately, Murkowski and her deputies made a conscious choice to exploit and manipulate women’s causes for political gain.

But that’s not the only way Murkowski tries to fool the Alaskans.

She claims she supports cutting fuel costs and increasing energy production in Alaska, but she voted to prefer President Joe Biden’s appointment of radical environmentalist Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior. Haaland has since led Biden’s relentless assault on Alaska’s extractive industries and the people who depend on those jobs to support their families.

She claims to support the Willow oil and natural gas project and King Cove Road, but she enthusiastically voted to confirm the federal judge, who later killed both projects. This cost Alaska billions of dollars in investment and thousands of jobs. Aleutians have also been denied access to an airport to connect them to life-saving medical treatment.

She claims to support the Second Amendment, but she voted with Democrats for the Biden-backed gun control bill that undermines our right to bear guns, and consequently lost her support from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

She claims to support public safety, but she was the key vote to confirm infamous “Defund the Police” supporter Vanita Gupta to the Justice Department position responsible for approving grants to local law enforcement agencies .

She claims she wants to secure our borders, but she voted to allow illegal immigrants to stay in this country, even if they commit multiple crimes against US citizens.

you have the idea

Since announcing my campaign last year, I’ve traveled more miles in Alaska than it takes to circumnavigate the world. What I hear most often from Alaskans is that “it’s time for a change” in our Senate representation.

Alaskans are frustrated with the direction of the country and alarmed at how many of the policies coming out of Washington, DC are aimed specifically at us. We cannot believe that our senior Senator supported Biden in so many damaging actions instead of fighting to protect Alaska.

As your next Senator, I will fight to revitalize our economy, build affordable housing, and defend our extractive industries against the environmental extremists determined to turn Alaska into a national park.

I will stand up for our God-given constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment, which have been eroded by the elites in Washington, DC. The NRA gave me their highest rating.

I will advocate for healthcare reform, including increased access to mental health resources, delivering veterans’ benefits in record time, and ensuring our vulnerable Alaskans receive better care.

I will support parents’ right to participate in their children’s education and immigration policies that promote safe borders.

And I will listen to the voices of all Alaskans who feel forgotten. You will no longer be ignored. Their voices will be represented in the congress halls.

It’s about time Alaskans had a US Senator they could trust — a US Senator that Alaskans want, not one that Joe Biden wants. I have laid out my agenda and vision for our state, aptly titled It’s Time for a Change. You can find these policies and principles at

In the primaries on August 16 and again on November 8, I ask for your vote. It’s about time we had a US Senator who is the same person in Alaska as in Washington, DC, who listens to and advocates for Alaska’s interests, not DC’s. It is time for a change.

Kelly Tshibaka is a born and raised Alaskan and a candidate for the US Senate from Alaska, supported by former President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party.

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