Developed a brand for the UK’s first over-the-counter birth control pill


“When we discussed the name of the brand, we felt the product was for women and a feminine name puts women first,” Deborah Stafford-Watson, director of provocation and strategy at Elmwood Design, told Muse.

Women in the UK can wait an average of months to see their doctor. With its availability in every pharmacy, Hana increases access to contraceptives. After consulting a pharmacist, Hana can be found behind the pharmacy counter.

“The packaging of other drugs for women looks dated, medical and pink, with a cold, clinical copy,” says Stafford-Watson. “We wanted to turn the room upside down. We build a brand, not a product, with women at the center. It is an empowered choice. “

The packaging is deep purple and 28 mini pills surround the name Hana, which means a constant cycle and consistent protection.

Depending on where it was purchased, a three month delivery from Hana costs anywhere from £ 19.75 to £ 21.95. For those who can get an appointment with their doctor, the costs are free with a prescription.

Havas London, meanwhile, has created a range of print, outdoor and TV ads promoting Hana as an empowering option that puts women in control. “Their potential is endless,” it says in an ad. “Take control of your cycle,” says another. “Finally a carefree contraception that I’m in control of.”

Here is the TV spot:

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