Danger! These three Atlanta-based tech startups are making waves


As the economy continues to recover and businesses return to (near) normalcy, Georgia continues to pave its way as a business leader, expanding the opportunities for various industries to thrive in the state.

With Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, The Home Depot and UPS, Georgia has already made a name for itself as a welcome home for many corporate giants. And it’s a prolific agricultural leader as the leading national producer of pecans, Vidalia onions, and of course, peanuts. And don’t forget Georgia’s thriving film industry, which has earned it the new title “Hollywood of the South”.

But there is one sector that is often overlooked when discussing Peach State’s growing business community: technology. In addition to Georgia’s 16 Fortune 500 companies, a number of technology-centric startups are driving innovation by expanding the state’s tech scene and writing their own success stories.

With concentrations in everything from media to healthcare to financial technology, these emerging companies are constantly creating new and lucrative technology products and attracting well-known investors. Check out these three promising tech startups to keep an eye out for!


Sharecare was founded in 2010 by Dr. Oz co-founded and is a digital health company with an app that helps people manage their health in one place. With award-winning programs and endless features, Sharecare works with healthcare providers, employers, and health insurers to help patients take control of their health with just a tap of a finger.

Green light

Greenlight is a one-of-a-kind financial technology startup helping families learn together and manage their finances. Their child debit card and mobile app give parents extensive controls to safely manage family finances while teaching their children lessons about making, spending, saving and giving. After all, it is better to learn how to handle your money early on!

Sales loft

SalesLoft is a leading sales engagement platform that is revolutionizing the way salespeople interact with their customers. Their tools enable teams to manage the frequency of phone, email, and social media communications to best grow their customer relationships. The all-in-one platform also empowers sales leaders with new testing, learning, and customizing capabilities to ensure their salespeople are performing their most effective sales processes.

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