Cyclica Receives $2.4M Grant for Multi-Objective Drug Discovery Program to Advance Non-Hormonal Contraceptives | nation and world

Cyclica receives a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to apply its AI-enabled drug discovery platform to discover novel therapeutic options for multiple low-data biological targets, with the goal of expanding the range of accessible non-hormonal contraceptives for women in development to expand countries

TORONTO, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cyclica Inc., a neo-biotech company exploring the protein universe to discover tomorrow’s medicines, is developing new non-hormonal contraceptives for data-poor protein biological targets with support from a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The CA$2.4 million grant enables Cyclica to use its validated, AI-powered drug discovery platform to discover advanced contraceptive options that can empower women and girls to better plan their families and futures.

In the past, hormone-based contraceptives have been known to cause widespread side effects that reduce their attractiveness. A widely used non-hormonal contraceptive would be an additional safe and effective choice for women and girls who want to take control of their reproductive health. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant supports Cyclica in empowering women to make informed birth control decisions.

To date, research to discover non-hormonal contraceptives has been hampered by a lack of validated and approved drug targets. While there is a small group of targets with enough supporting biological data and technical feasibility to warrant significant investment, there are a number of less mature and emerging targets where the availability of new chemical starting points allow for novel robust target assessment and biological investigation would. This is where Cyclica aims to make a dramatic impact, as its drug discovery platform is optimized against low-data drug targets.

“While Cyclica builds and advances a commercial portfolio of drug discovery programs, part of our corporate ethos is to partner with not-for-profit organizations to advance research for unmet medical needs,” said Naheed Kurji, Cyclica CEO. “Among women who want to delay or avoid pregnancy, concerns about side effects are the most common reason for not using modern contraceptives. free contraceptives that will expand the range of contraceptive options for women and girls.”

“Cyclica has a track record in target with little data for unmet clinical needs. We have the experience needed to address this currently non-drug, much-needed opportunity and bring it to the clinic in a faster and more cost-effective way than traditional methods offer,” said Mike Palovich, Cyclica’s Chief Science Officer. I am impressed by the technical expertise of the BMGF science team and we look forward to working with them to achieve this common goal.”

About Cyclica

As a neo-biotech company, Cyclica is driving an industry-leading, robust and sustainable drug discovery portfolio focused on CNS, oncology and autoimmune diseases. Cyclica has built the only generalizable platform for the entire proteome, expanding the target space for targets with little data, including AlphaFold2 structures, PPIs and mutant oncogenic targets. Cyclica has brought together a diverse and experienced team of biologists, chemists, computer scientists and business people who are passionate about changing the paradigm of drug discovery. By exploring the unexplored and delivering drugs without drugs, Cyclica strives to impact patient health like never before. For more information about our company, visit:

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