Clinical Trials on Pfizer Pill, Antiviral Infusion in North Texas


Dr. Haresh Boghara and his team at Epic Medical Research are conducting multiple clinical studies on potential COVID-19 treatment options.

RED OAK, Texas – At Epic Medical Research in Red Oak, Texas, Dr. Haresh Boghara, how important clinical trials are.

For the past eight years he has conducted studies on various diseases. But he said the past year has been the most rewarding as the immediate benefits of COVID-19 treatment studies have been seen.

A year ago, Dr. Boghara carried out studies with monoclonal antibodies. The research showed positive results. Now the drug is a widely used treatment for coronavirus patients.

“Thousands of people benefit as we speak,” he said.

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His team is currently conducting further clinical studies on potential drugs to treat COVID-19.

The Pfizer pill is in the second phase of the study in his office. There are two tablets a day for five days. The Pfizer pills are taken with ritonavir, an existing antiviral drug.

“The combination of the two has the best effect,” said Dr. Boghara.

He said 25% of the subjects were given placebo pills and 75% were given the actual medication.

There are three studies for the Pfizer pills. All subjects must test positive for COVID-19. One study includes people at low risk who can be vaccinated. The second are unvaccinated people at high risk. The third study includes unvaccinated people exposed to the virus.

Dr. Boghara is also conducting a clinical study on antiviral infusion. The medicine is stored in a freezer and thawed before use. If a person tests positive for COVID-19, they can be admitted to the study whether or not they are vaccinated. The attempt is an infusion that takes about an hour. Dr. Boghara said that 80% of the subjects get the real drug.

“Our goal is to make sure people don’t get COVID, right? But if they do get COVID, what are the options?” said Dr. Boghara.

Still, he hopes people will get the COVID-19 vaccinations as a preventive measure.

In the meantime, he will continue to conduct clinical trials and be at the forefront of COVID-19 treatment.

For more information on the clinical trial, call 972-777-6956.

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