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EUGENE, Ore. – Advances in birth control have continued steadily, and experts say many women are unaware of the opportunities that have recently become available.

According to Oregon Medical Group OB-GYN Dr. Naomi Light can find it difficult to keep up with new and changing birth control options.

“Even in my years of practice, the different options, the ways we can use standard options, have really evolved,” she said. “My younger patients know the pill because of its ease of use, but then there are my older patients who are just not that familiar with what to expect.”

While many are comfortable with better-known contraceptives like the pill, some options are more effective than barrier methods like condoms and diaphragms and can allow for a more flexible lifestyle.

Light said years of vaginal rings have drawn attention for their convenience, and vaginal gels have emerged as hormone-free options in recent years.

“There are certain types that reduce your risk of certain medical complications, but there are also types that increase your risk of certain medical complications. So it’s important to fine-tune what’s right for you, ”she said.

The ultimate goal is to prevent unplanned pregnancies, which often have more complications, but according to Light, birth control doesn’t have to be complicated either.

“There are people who know that they cannot take a pill or that they do not want to see a doctor every three months. There are some options that can give you a bit more freedom in your lifestyle, “she said.

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