About a dozen pills that may have been laced with fentanyl have been found at Sedway Middle School after a teenager died

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Jerion Morgan, 15, was rushed to Dignity Health on Wednesday, where he died, but police said it was difficult to know exactly how.

On Thursday morning, the North Las Vegas Police Department was contacted by Clark County School District Police about four other students who were taken to the hospital.

They later found out that all five students were taking pills that might have had fentanyl added to them.

“For kids that young and being introduced to something as harsh as fentanyl or OxyContin is bizarre. I’ve gotten to the point where I want to pull my son out of school because I don’t feel safe,” said one mother, who wished to remain anonymous.

Her child, a student at Sedway Middle School, tells 8 News that her son saw a picture of the pills posted on Instagram by a colleague on Wednesday.

“As far as I know, one of the kids actually stole it or brought it from a family member,” the mother said.

Officer Alexander Cuevas of the North Las Vegas Police Department could neither confirm nor deny this.
He said CCSD PD officers seized all the pills on the school premises Thursday.

There were about a dozen pills that could fit in the palm of your hand.
“A handful of a microdose can still get into someone’s skin, they can breathe it in, they can touch their eyes, it’s very dangerous, very strong,” Officer Cuevas said.

It’s not clear how school police were able to find them, as parents say they were upset they weren’t told about the drugs found on the property.

“He didn’t come to school today because he was devastated by the whole situation, how can someone not notice, how can teachers not notice that students are taking these at school,” the mother said.

The principal sent a letter to the families informing them of the death of a student.

The other four students who took the pills are believed to be fine, having had symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

This is still an ongoing investigation, police are urging anyone with information to get in touch with them.

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