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Destinations for traveling with personal loans

Many say that traveling is the best investment and it is easy to understand why: as we travel the world we explore new cultures, make new friendships and develop conflict resolution skills. In the past, these adventures were the power of those who had a lot of money but, fortunately, times changed. Today there are thousands of cheap destinations to travel with personal loans .

But adjusting to a budget does not mean going cold in abandoned shelters or traveling hundreds of kilometers on dilapidated buses. There are destinations that are outside the main tourist routes and dazzle by its beauty.

How to get a personal credit to travel

How to get a personal credit to travel

The first thing we have to think about is how to get the money needed to launch ourselves into the odyssey. If we fail to cover the cost of the trip with our savings, we can request a personal loan online to supplement.

It is very simple, you only need to register, request the amount we need to encourage us to fly and pay it once the loan is finished. The good thing about this option is that it is not necessary to go to the bank or do cumbersome procedures. The only requirements are to be over 19 years old, be Argentine and have a bank account in our name.

Once we have the money, it’s time to start dreaming and plan the places we want to know. We give you some tips to do it without spending an extra weight.

Cheap destinations by plane

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The world is very large and the Eiffel Tower is not the only historical monument worth visiting. There are beautiful cities, enchanted villages and natural beauties around the globe that are usually ignored by the large travel agencies because they are outside the traditional circuit.

Either because flying there is a gift or because the cost of living is minimal, these are the cheapest countries to plan a different vacation without economic shocks.

Cheap tourist destinations in South America

The music and color of Latin America is incomparable. This region of the planet is rich in landscapes, culture and gastronomy. In addition, it is full of corners that are worth traveling, alone or accompanied.

  • Paraguay: its capital, Asunción, is considered one of the most affordable cities in the world. Ideal for a first class holiday for the price of tourist. Wine imported from Chilean lands, meat patties and hotels at a ridiculously cheap price are not the only thing worth considering. Far from the big city is a collapsed Guarani colony, where the natives tried to survive without the use of money. The experiment failed but the ruins are a fascinating destination.
  • Peru: Peruvian culture is immense and its cuisine with Japanese influence is a delicacy. Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the town of Arequipa or Copacabana are some of the most popular attractions of this beautiful country. In this nation of the Pacific coast all prices are negotiable if we dare to bargain. In addition, transfers within the territory are not expensive and can be done both by bus and by plane. Who says, you may have the opportunity to fly over the mysterious Nazca lines. If we want to save, it is best to buy tickets in place.
  • Bolivia: it is a cheap destination par excellence that can be traveled for less than 300 dollars a day. The Uyuni salt flat is one of the most impressive natural wonders of South America and can be toured individually or with a tour of the area. In addition, purchases are a bargain.

Cheap destinations in Europe

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It doesn’t matter if it’s beaches or architecture, the old continent has a lot to offer to those looking for alternative and low-cost destinations.

  • Portugal: paradisiacal beaches, rugged coasts, incomparable architecture and incredible weather. This destination has everything to gain if it is cost-benefit. If we also add good food and the best wine at low prices, then Portugal becomes one of the best countries to visit without neglecting the budget.
  • Poland: this country is full of history and its architectural treasures with hundreds of years are not wasted. Poland is a beautiful country and luckily for us, very cheap. This is because it has not yet adopted the euro and the exchange rate generates a huge benefit in favor of tourists.

Cheap destinations for young people

But if what we want is to mix tourism with party and the possibility of making lots of friends around the world we have to look at more youthful destinations. We put together some suggestions for under-30 who want to explore the globe with little money and lots of beer.

  • Thailand: it is the millennial destination par excellence. Its paradisiacal beaches make it an exotic and entertaining place at the same time. There are many hostels designed for the youngest and the food is ridiculously cheap. In addition, it is an Eden consumer where you can buy from traditional items to branded shoes for a ridiculous price.
  • Cambodia: Cambodia is across the Thai border. A country with a huge Buddhist tradition, full of unparalleled temples that deserve an attentive tour. Like the rest of Southeast Asia, the costs are minimal and can be traveled for less than $ 20 per day. As much to travel to Cambodia as to Thailand, The important thing is to get the tickets well in advance so that their value is lower.

Cheap honeymoon destinations

Cheap honeymoon destinations

To make a romantic trip with our partner, we don’t have to spend too much. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for white sand beaches to rest or a mountain landscape, there is a low-cost alternative for you.

  • Philippines : kilometers and kilometers of turquoise water surround this Southeast Asian country. Its beaches surrounded by a rugged mountain range and its exotic forests are unmissable. It is ideal to kiss in the moonlight without worrying about money issues.
  • Dominican Republic : it is one of the most beautiful destinations in Central America, but it is also a bargain. Beaches out of a story and native food for less than $ 10 a day. Ideal to enjoy the first days of marriage at full speed.
  • Albania : its capital, Tirana, is a European rough diamond. This country has impressive mountain landscapes and beaches that have nothing to envy the Caribbean. In addition, its thriving economy makes it a cheap destination for couples starting a joint life.

Traveling means growing, maturing, opening up and getting rid of the bad. It is the most valuable gift we can give ourselves: memories, moments and experiences. It doesn’t matter if we do it with a low budget or thanks to a personal loan, the only thing that matters is to encourage and embrace the world with our own hands.