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Loan 2019: Opinions, Rates and Quote on “Small” Personal Loans

Let’s discover the Seibank 2019 loan, with all the main features of this product such as the amount that can be requested and the duration available. We will also see the opinions published online by customers on the main forums, and finally how to request a free quote for Seibank “Small” personal loans, with repayment installments and interest rates.

Bank 2019 Loan: requirements, what to do to request it

If you are looking for a bank that allows you to manage your account completely online then Seibank is probably the right one for you. This is indeed the main feature of this bank, which is part of the Bank SUD Group. On this page we will deal with the different forms of personal loan that are offered by Seibank, with everything you need to know about it. First of all, a fundamental aspect is that of the requisites required by the bank to be able to access the desired credit. The first thing to know is that all Seibank 2019 loans are aimed exclusively at those who hold a Seibank current account. In addition, the account must have been opened for at least 6 months, although in some cases it is sufficient to be a customer for at least 3 months.

For all customers, therefore, it will be possible to access the various forms of financing offered. As for any bank, in the loan regulation the necessary personal requirements and the economic guarantees that must be presented in order to apply for a Seibank loan in 2019 are described. First of all, as far as the age of the applicant is concerned, this may be at most equal to 70 years after repayment ends. As for the economic requirements, Seibank requires its customers to have a continuous income in order to access the loans offered. This means that all employees and pensioners can access Seibank personal loans, which must present the pay packet and the pension slip respectively. As for self-employed workers without a pay slip, with Seibank there will be no particular problems unlike what happens with other banks and financial institutions. The only guarantee that must be presented in order to access the desired personal loan will be the tax return.

What do those who are not yet customers of the bank need to apply for a Seibank personal loan in 2019? The first thing to do is to open a Seibank current account. This operation will be very simple and can be carried out completely online via the company’s website. To do this, simply fill in the relevant form with all the data that will be requested. What you will need to have in hand to open an account in a few minutes will be your identity card, your tax code and finally your mobile phone, which you will need to check the address. Once you open the account you will have access to the personal area from which you will have the possibility to manage your account and proceed with the request for personal loans that we will see in the next paragraphs.

Seibank financing: available solutions, amount that can be requested and duration

WeBank financing: available solutions, amount that can be requested and duration

The financing options that Seibank reserves for its customers for this 2019 are different, and respond to different needs. In particular, on the homepage of the bank’s website we are presented with three different solutions that should be briefly illustrated. The three solutions correspond to: Fido Seibank, Loan Seibank Small and Loan Seibank Large, which we have listed in order of maximum amount that can be requested.

The Fido Seibank is an excellent solution to receive a small loan. For those who do not know it, bank credit is a type of financing based on a credit facility that the bank offers its customers. In particular Seibank allows us to withdraw money from our account up to a negative double of our salary, or in general up to a maximum of 5000 euros. This service is completely free and undoubtedly very useful, since it allows us to access a mini loan for which we will not even have to make the request, since it will be enough to withdraw the money beyond our availability and automatically from the following month we will pay the installments reimbursement. As regards interest rates, a fixed Tan of 4.50% is envisaged.

In the event that you need a slightly higher amount of money but that does not exceed 10,000 euros, the solution that is right for you is the Seibank Small Loan. This provides for an amount that can be requested ranging from 500 euros up to a maximum of 10,000 euros. At the time of the request we will be able to choose the duration we prefer, starting from a minimum of 6 months up to a maximum of 60 months. For this form of personal loan, Seibank provides a fixed Tan of 7.00%, which is even lowered to 6.30% if you choose to credit your salary or pension on your current account.

The last solution available is that of the Seibank Large loan, which is therefore aimed at all those who need a higher amount of money. In this case the amount that can be requested ranges from 10,000 euros to 30,000 euros. The interest rate applied is slightly higher, given that we have a Tan 8.00%, but also in this case there is a ” discount ” for all customers who choose to credit their salary or pension on the Seibank account: in this case Tan fixed 7.20%. From the point of view of duration there is full freedom, as we can defer payment of installments starting from a minimum of 18 months up to a maximum of 120 months.

Estimates Personal Loans Seibank “Small”: installment calculation and interest rates

Estimates Personal Loans WeBank

After seeing the main features of the Seibank 2019 loan, let’s analyze in detail a form of financing that is always in great demand, which is that of the small loan. As we have already said with the personal Seibank “Small” loan we have the possibility to request up to 10,000 euros, which we can repay in maximum 5 years. As we have repeated many times in our reviews, if on one hand it is certainly convenient to be able to choose a high duration for light installments, it is always better not to “abuse” the freedom that is offered to us in this case as it is important to evaluate the costs of our financing. In particular, the interest we are going to pay is strictly linked to the repayment plan that we will choose.

To best evaluate the cost to which we will meet and therefore choose the best repayment plan for us, what we need to do is request a quote. With Seibank we have the ability to calculate the quote completely online, so a few clicks will be enough to immediately know the monthly repayment installment we are going to pay and the interest rates applied. If you want to calculate the quote for the Seibank Small loan for free, simply log in to your personal area and enter your login credentials.

At this point you will have the possibility to manage your account, but also to access all the Internet Banking services made available to Seibank. Among these there is the simulator for calculating the quote, which you can use for free and without any restrictions. All you have to do to calculate the installment and the interest rates for the personal loan “Small” will be to insert the amount you need in the appropriate space, which will obviously not exceed 10,000 euros. Choosing the duration will immediately present you all the characteristics of the loan. In the Seibank “Small” loan form we are presented with an example of a quote, relating to a request for 10,000 euros with a duration of 60 months. In this case the repayment installment that we will have to pay every month will be equal to only 198.01 euros, while the interest rates applied will be a 7.00% Tan and a 7.25% Taeg.

Opinions Seibank Loan “Small” 2019: do forum users recommend it?

Opinions WeBank Loan

If you are looking for a small loan, then the Seibank Small Loan is probably just what you need. To be sure of the reliability of the bank, however, it is always good to take a look at the opinions posted online by customers who have chosen this product before us. Visiting the main industry forums what we can say is that first of all the vast majority of opinions regarding Seibank Small and Seibank loans in general are positive. Customers advise this company by pointing out that they have had a great experience for several reasons.

The first aspect that is emphasized in the positive opinions published online is the ease with which it is possible to manage every aspect of one’s account and the loans requested. This is because Seibank is a bank based on the concept of completely online management. From this point of view, therefore, all operations are extremely efficient in terms of speed. At the same time, the bank’s website is very simply structured, which allows us to easily find all the information and services we may need. This is also a fundamental point that is highlighted in the opinions on Seibank loans published online. As always, then, the fundamental aspect of a personal loan is convenience, and even from this point of view, the customers of the bank consider themselves fully satisfied, based on the estimates requested from other companies.

What are the negative aspects that can be read in the negative opinions on the Seibank Small loan? In the reviews published by dissatisfied customers the only aspect that was highlighted was the impossibility of accessing the desired credit, therefore the accusation towards Seibank is that of having too restrictive requirements. From this point of view we can not know what were the reasons why the bank refused the request for financing of these customers, however what we can say is that Seibank very clearly reports all the requisites required, therefore from what is read on the site and as confirmed by most customers it is a professional and reliable company. So the Seibank Small loan, as well as other forms of financing, are absolutely recommended by users of the main online forums.