Our tips for saving money

Each person wants to save money at best, but as the saying goes: “It’s easier said than done.” Fortunately, it’s not impossible! Several tips will allow you to set aside more or less regularly and avoid spending unnecessarily. Good finance lists some of them to help you better manage your personal finances.

To help you save the best

There are several options available to you. Savings accounts allow you to have a capital that sleeps and earns a fixed percentage each year. The plus point of the savings account is that you have the option of withdrawing money at any time, if needed, and can also schedule automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account. Thanks to this, you will not have to make a manual transfer and you will not have to forget a month. Be aware, however, that interest rates are quite low.

It may be interesting to consider other options, including Branch 21 products, such as pension insurance, pension savings and long-term savings. These products are an excellent savings solution in the medium or long term. Opting for one of these products will allow you to earn additional income.

Via the good credit card

There are various types of credit card on the Belgian market, some of them allowing you to save money. This is indeed the case of three of them:

  • The cashback card: This card allows you to have a return on investment. This means that you receive a certain percentage (which varies according to banks and cards) on your purchases, with an annual maximum.
  • The point card: By using this credit card to make your purchases, you accumulate points that entitle you to discount vouchers to be used by participating businesses in the various loyalty programs.
  • The miles card: the more you spend with your credit card, the more miles you earn. In the same way as the point card, accumulating miles gives you access to different levels of benefits and discounts. Think for example of a flight upgrade, flights, car rental discounts and much more.

Given the many credit cards, it is essential to compare all offers on the Belgian market to find the one that best suits you. Because with each profile his credit card!

Spending less

But whoever says to save says, first and foremost, spend less. And that goes through small actions everyday.

at Have breakfast at home

As everyone knows, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is therefore crucial to eat well in the morning! However, a good breakfast served at home for two reasons. The first is that you will have the opportunity to prepare good toast, homemade yoghurt, porridge, fruit juice or whatever. The second is that it will be much cheaper. Indeed, a breakfast taken in a cafe can quickly cost you nearly 5 €. Take it home will avoid you stop in a bakery and crack for a pastry. And avoid this is just as good for your line as your wallet!

B. Prepare your lunch

It is tempting to have lunch outside every day. On the other hand, a restaurant costs on average 15 € and a sandwich 4,50 €. From the math: over a week, 4 sandwiches and a lunch in the restaurant cost you about thirty euros. Preparing your lunch at home will not only save you money, but also eat healthier as you avoid junk food and dishes in sauce. You are the master of what you eat..