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Shopping: finance your project with a loan

Consumer credit and loan facilities make it much easier to take out a loan. Too, even! Indeed, a compulsive purchase often leads to over-indebtedness, according to a recently published article in the Good Finance: the Belgian tends too much to finance his project with a loan.

Borrowing possibilities

Every day, through the media, various trade shows and commercial signs, Belgians are confronted with consumer loans. And many succumb to temptation. Indeed, what better than a small sum quickly granted to buy a trendy smartphone, a washing machine or a beautiful American fridge and thus easily finance his project?

The interest rate applied is often high compared to the rates charged by financial institutions, but is only a disadvantage if the cardholder does not reimburse the amount within three weeks. After this period, and in the event of staggered payments, the annual percentage rate of charge is exorbitant. Therefore, before applying for a credit card, it is essential to compare the offers of different financial institutions in Belgium. In fact, you have to take into account your spending profile and your needs. Shopping , Travel , Classic and Student are four categories allowing you to enjoy various and varied benefits and insurances.

Compare all credit cards

An installment loan, on the other hand, can be an attractive option to finance your project. This makes it possible, on the one hand, to avoid temptations thanks to a reserve of money that seems infinite and, on the other hand, to take advantage of a credit at more advantageous rates.

In addition, such financing allows for almost any project, from the purchase of a house to that of a car, to the taking over of studies, the organization of a wedding and many more. .

Grant limitations

Although access to credit seems easier and almost unlimited, it is not allowed in all cases and does not fund any project. Prior to the granting of a loan, the financial institution will review the application to ensure the client’s repayment capacity and financial position in order to minimize payment defaults, as has been the case.

10% of Belgians in the last five years. It also seems that 14% of them are not aware of the existence of the black list of the National Bank of Belgium and 15% have already faced a refusal of loan. However, it is crucial to avoid being blacklisted.

In addition, banks generally allow the Belgian to finance his project, provided it is authorized by law. 


It is becoming easier to take out a loan. But is it really doing us for? It is important to keep in mind that ” Borrowing money also costs money “. Introducing a loan application or credit opening, if poorly thought out, can quickly lead to the infernal spiral of indebtedness. It is therefore important to know everything about receivables before launching and financing your project!

To avoid over-indebtedness, you can follow these tips:

  1. Only take out a loan if it is really necessary or if the project brings a better value to your home.
  2. Avoid the opening of credit and promote the sale or installment loan.
  3. Be aware that promotional rates usually hide high rates for longer maturities.
  4. Compare the different loan offers to find the one that suits you best.
  5. Perform simulations with different amounts and durations: a loan of € 10.001 can sometimes be more advantageous than for € 10.000.