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How to make a spending spreadsheet to control your money?

The key to managing your money well is to know where it is applied – avoiding that sad feeling of not knowing where the whole money was at the end of the month – is to have a financial control, which can be done very simply and effectively in a spreadsheet. Having a record of your expenses and income is the starting point for managing your money in an efficient way, so here’s how to make a spending spreadsheet to track your money.

Organize your recipes

Organize your recipes

How much money you received – that’s your recipe. If you have a fixed income it is much better to arrange everything in the worksheet. Now, if you do not have a fixed income every month, it gets tricky to organize the recipes, ideally you put them on the worksheet only after you’ve received the money so you do not run the risk of having the uncertainty and putting in risk all the planning of the month.

Organize your expenses:

Organize your expenses:

Once the recipes are organized it is time to organize in the spreadsheet all the expenses that you have for that month. When it comes to organizing expenses, it is interesting to separate them by categories. For example:

– Fixed expenses: are those expenses that you have every month, such as water rate, electricity fee, telephone and internet bill, condominium, rent, IPTU and etc.

– Financing and credit: If you are in your expenses some financing or purchase made in the credit, it is worth separating from the fixed expenses, because these are expenses that in a given month will end. In this category you can enter, for example, the financing of the car or the apartment, the partial purchase of some furniture or electro for the house.

– Credit card: it is very important to put in the worksheet every expense that you have with the credit card, because he is famous for giving scares at the end of the month in a lot of people.

– Miscellaneous expenses: know the expenses you have during the month, where the money goes, a little there, a little there and when you realize, do not know where the money will stop? Yes, all those various and scattered expenses that you have during the month fall into this category.

These are just a few examples of categories where you can split your spending – this is even very effective way to really analyze what is really taking your money! – but you can feel free to create as many and as many categories as you want, until you learn how to make a spreadsheet of the best way for you ..

Organize payments


After arranging the most important parts of the spreadsheet, which are the expenses and the expenses, it is time to arrange the payments. For this, you must organize the dates on which expenses such as, fixed expenses, financings and credit card must have their payment effected. This is a way to end up not forgetting any account to pay.

After you’ve organized your income, expenses, and payments, the worksheet will tell you what your balance will be for that month. This is the money for what you want, the best option, however, is to save, save money to be protected for any unforeseen events that may happen.

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